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    Rubber gasket

    Rubber gasket

    Item: AIFLON 4600Series
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    Detailed Product Description: Rubber gasket

    Aiflon professional rubber manufacture factories can offer you a widely range rubber products---4600 Series, can satisfy various industrial demands.They are rubber sheet, O-rings, kits, FPC-O-ring, Oil seals, rubber rope, rubber strip, rubber foam, Pump & valve rubber, and various rubber parts etc.Which are mainly used in hot-water heating & sanitary and bathing condition , electron and electric appliances, hardware and machinery, hydraulic & pneumatic, vehicle & motorcycle, automotive, etc.
    Rubber sheet
    Rubber Strip
    Rubber Foam
    O-Ring Kits
    Rubber-steel Gasket
    Fluoride Plastic
    Coating O- Ring
    Rubber Roller
    Oil Seals
    Pump & Valve
    Rubber Rope
    Various Rubber

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