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    White PTFE & aramid Packing

    White PTFE & aramid Packing

    Item: AIFLON 2220 AIFLON 2222
    Description: AIFLON 2220 White PTFE packing with aramid corners AIFLON 2222 White PTFE aramid in zebra braided packing
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    Detailed Product Description: White PTFE & aramid Packing

    Aramid+PTFE Packing AIFLON2220 whife PTFE Packing,the corners of packing are made of aramid yarns impregnated with PTFE ,while the friction faces are made of pure PTFE yaarns.This structure enhances the lubrication ability of aramid fiber and imptoves the strength of pure PTFE. AIFLON2222 White PTFE with Aramid in Zebra Braided packing Muti-tarn in zebra braided packing consisting of pure PTFE and araimid Application:Designed for high pressure reciprocating pumps,medium speed cintrifugals and valves.It can be rsed for general service steam,gases,solvents,mild acids,slkalis and most abrasive liquids.The packing will not stain in pulp &  paper mill,pharmaceutical,food and sugar industries.

    Service Limits

    T 280¡æ
    PH 2-12
    V 12m/s
    Rotating 20bar
    Reciprocating 100bar
    Valve 180bar


    Forms of supply£º
    Packing Ring£ºR2220...

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